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  • 21st century 80 disc autochanger
  • 60+60 watts twin channel amplifier
  • Spare position for slave amp
  • Connections for up to 6 speakers
  • Remote control for home use
  • 70 disc display title rack



  • Height 151.5cm (59 1/2 ")
  • Width 95cm (37 1/2 ")
  • Depth 70cm (27 1/2")

Broadway Melody

  • Height 144cm (57")
  • Width 95.5cm (37")
  • Depth 46.5cm (18 1/2 ")

Power supply - 110 to 240 volts


For pricing and availability information please contact us by clicking here. We are based between Cambridge and Peterborough so please feel welcome to come and see our extensive showrooms.


Sound Leisure Manhatten

Rock-N-Roll in Style

Manhattan Island in New York City has always been about mixing style with fun. In the city that never sleeps, cocktails flow and the place jumps to the rhythm of life! Similarly, the Manhattan jukebox combines chic lines and a powerful sound that is guaranteed to be the talking point of any party!

The Manhattan is also “New York tough”. Like all our dome topped jukeboxes, it ‘s bubble tube casings are made from the same material as police riot shields! However, it still remains enchanting enough to ensures chic has never sounded so good!

The interiors aren't quite like the 1940's. The mechanism now holds 80 compact discs to give you up to 2500 of your favourite tracks, either selected from the key-board or via the remote control. The selection and playing mechanism, designed in-house, has fewer moving parts than any other available. Fewer parts mean less potential for breakdown and simpler, quicker maintenance and repair. That's as important to you as it is to our many commercial buyers. Further reassurance comes with our 12 month warranty.

Our jukeboxes are not toys. You will see them in commercial venues around the world. They are manufactured to withstand the rigours they face in pubs and bars where they are expected to work problem free, twelve hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want a high quality machine that looks fabulous and is built to last then call Jukeboxes Unlimited! on 01354 680711 today.


Get Retro Bling with our new LED 'Diamond Pack' lighting option. 

Make a dramatic impact with the 'Diamond Pack' lighting option. Instead of the regular traditional lighting bars and coloured pilaster rotiseries, we pack the dome and side diffusers with the latest combination Red, Green and Blue LED technology! 

Specially designed in-house at Sound Leisure this system is low heat, low watt and SUPER BRIGHT! The RGB lighting system allows almost any colour of light you like and what's more, you can control it to suit the environment or mood. Use the jukebox remote to stop the lighting on any colour you choose as it crossfades between infinite shades or set the lighting to move seamlessly between the various colour changing patterns. Default lighting patterns include...

 Antique: This rotates the colour scheme up the side pilasters replicating the original rotiseries found in the original 1940s machines. A classic look. 

Xi: As found in our Xi jukebox for the iPod, this gives a crystal style glow in blues, pinks and soft greens, then dives to deep reds and purples before softening out again. Simple yet dramatic, a more modern feel and a sample of the Xi experience. 

Disco Lightshow: Sound to light sequencing offering a vivid display of all colours as they flash in time with the music. Great for parties.

 ... Plus many more. 

Available to order on new machines, the' Diamond Pack' is simply stunning and has to be seen to be appreciated. 




Take a Sound Leisure jukebox with an 80 capacity CD mech for all your favourite CD’s, then add to it the ability to play back tracks from your bulging iPod without the need for cables or docking stations and you’ve got one huge music library to select from.

Our ‘Wireless iPod’ solution does just that, meaning you can combine the portability and technology of your iPod with the classic styling and distinctive sound of a Sound Leisure jukebox.

Utilising Bluetooth technology the music from your iPod is wirelessly transmitted up to 30 feet (dependent on environment) to a base station housed in the jukebox cabinet. Select a jukebox CD track and the amplifier will automatically switch the output to the CD and then fade back to the iPod again once the CD track has ended.

Available as an optional extra for new order machines or as a retro fit kit for existing products, the device can be simply fitted without any technical experience and seamlessly integrates in to all Sound Leisure products.