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Want to add speakers to your Jukebox? 

We are often asked these three questions, "Can I add speakers to my Jukebox?", followed by "How?" and "What type?". 

The answers usually go something like this:-

1/ Yes, nearly all full size Jukeboxes will have built in provision for attaching external speakers.

2/ Best guidence will always be found in the machine's operating manual, which will normally provide a couple of layout options plus information on maximum loads along with instructions on connection. A couple of examples on typical connections are below.


Above Rock-Ola Bubbler speaker connections

3/ As a basic guide, (but check out your machine manual), most Jukeboxes will be able to run a pair of good quality 8ohm passive speakers****, between 50 and 100 watts should be suitable for most home use situations.  

****Speakers generally fall into two groups, Passive or Active, "Passive" speakers are driven by a seperate amplifier, in this case the one in your Jukebox and connected by normal speaker wires. "Active" speakers have a built in amplifier and require both power input and a line level input typically provided by a pre-amp.


Above Wurlitzer OMT speaker connections

Good sound reproduction requires good quality speakers, you don't need to spend a fortune but go for the best the budget will allow. Even when you can't see whats inside, remember the cabinet should be well made and robust to withstand the rapid movement of the speaker cones and shock waves produced at high volumes. If the cabinet looks flimsy there is a very good chance the speakers within are not going to be the best.

Once you have carefully chosen your new speakers, treat them to a good speaker cable especially if the speakers are going to be positioned some way from the amplifier (Jukebox). A twin speaker cable with a "tracer" (identifing mark on one wire) is useful as it will help identify which wire is which when making the connections.

Observe the polarity, i.e. positive or + (and normally coloured red) and negative or - (and normally coloured black) when connecting. Jukeboxes will usually have four connection points, grouped in two pairs marked R/H (righthand channel) and L/H (lefthand channel) and within each pair positive and negative terminals should be indicated. Incorrect polarity will cause poor sound quality but is not a safety issue.


Finally refer back to the machines manual for any settings that might need to be changed and your new set up is complete.