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altTubes - or Thermionic Valves!

All Classic Jukeboxes from the major manufacturers used tube (valve) amplifiers through the 1940's, 1950's and into the early 1960's until they were replaced by "Solid State" amplifiers using transistors.

For many, there is simply no substitute for that classic tube sound that is rich and rounded with powerful bass and crystal clear treble.  It is interesting that even today, with modern integrated circuit technology many purists still prefer valve amplifiers and pay many thousands of pounds for Hi-End amplifiers running essentially the same circuit design and valves that were used all those years ago.

BUT, there is a downside. Tubes (valves) have a limited life (usually several years however) and as they age the performance of the amplifier will reduce.  Also a valve amplifier contains capacitors (condensors) that over time deteriorate and leak, this can cause poor performance, excessive hum and they can even explode if an amplifier is powered up that has been not been used for many years.

We can test your amplifier and valves on our workshop test equipment and bring your unit back to full performance.  All components are stocked including a range of NOS (new old stock) American and Russian valves, far superior to the modern day Chinese equivalents that some restorers use.

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