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Wurlitzer Classic 2000 Vinyl

In 1956 Wurlitzer introduced the model 2000, one of the most beautiful Jukeboxes of the Fifties, an illuminated masterpiece of chrome and glass.

Well now it's back!

Wurlitzer have lovingly recreated this glorious 200 selection model in the Classic 2000 Vinyl, the authentic looks of the Rock 'n' Roll era with today's Wurlitzer high quality sound system. 

Feast your eyes and ears as this true Vinyl Classic takes you back in time.


Remote control is included and a variety of extension speakers are also available to purchase.

  • Changer for up to 100 single records
  • Stereo amplifier K99 with 2x55 W rms
  • 2-way speaker system
  • Electronic coin acceptor
  • Microprocessor controlling all functions
  • A playstimulator plays random recordsin intervals from 1 up to 98 minutes
  • LED display
  • Connections for external speakers and additinal amplifier
  • IR remote control for volume, mute,song selection and cancel selections
  • Motor driven, illuminated title card paging system
  • Motor driven coin return
  • Coloured illumination of the vinyl mechanism